TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

buy testofuel nzIf you want to buy TestoFuel from NZ then the only place you can get it is from the official website – www.testofuel.com.

How to Get Free Shipping?

They only do free shipping to New Zealand if you get the 3-month supply option. Interestingly they also do a 90-day money back guarantee if you ask for it.

So here’s what I recommend. If you want free shipping to New Zealand, then you should buy the 3-month supply (it’s called the ultimate muscle gainer’s package) and you can always claim the money back guarantee if it’s not working. Plus, I believe they will give you one extra month’s supply for free when you get that option.

You can get that by clicking here.

Do I recommend TestoFuel?

If you have been to my website, you know that the product I personally use and recommend is Prime Male. So here’s the deal:

If you are looking for an overall increase in free testosterone levels and the benefits that come along with that such as increased energy, a more active libido, fat loss and more lean muscle then I recommend Prime Male.

However, if you are looking for hard muscle gains and big strength increases then TestoFuel is probably the way to go.

Both products are completely safe as they are just a combination of natural vitamins and minerals that you can buy off the shelf anyway such as Vitamin B, D, Magnesium and Zinc.

You can only buy the products at their respective websites and they both have the same deal on the free shipping, so if you end up buying either of them be sure to select the three-month option. Here are those websites for you: