Testosterone Boosters: What You Need To Know

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We have a lot of great information below on how test boosters can help you plus how to pick out the best one for your needs.

First I will go over all the important components that you should be looking for in any testosterone supplement so that you can cross-reference these against different products on the market and make an informed decision. Then I will go over which product I like to use myself and recommend others use as well.

Please be aware that if you are here because you suspect you might have low testosterone levels then you should see a doctor, get your t levels tested and get their recommendation before taking any further action.

The Top 4 Ingredients to Look for:

Supplements are just a blend of ingredients, so when assessing different t boosters on the market the most important element I looked at was the ingredients formulas. I looked through a whole lot of scientific studies to try and get an idea of which ingredients were proven to be very effective in raising testosterone levels, which ones were proven to have no effect and which ones had no scientific proof either way. After looking through a lot of different studies, it became pretty clear which ingredients had real scientific data and testing to back them up. So here are those ingredients:

  1. D-Aspartic Acid.

After reading studies, I have become a DAA convert and I would not go near a test booster that did not include this ingredient. It is incredibly effective at boosting t levels and has been proven across multiple studies. In one study, 23 men aged between 27 and 37 took a daily dose of a little over 3 grams of d-asaprtic acid. Their average testosterone levels rose by a whopping 42% over just a 12-day period. That is huge and this supplement alone can provide massive jumps in natural testosterone levels.

  1. Zinc

Zinc can either take the form of oyster extract or zinc citrate. Either one will do the trick, and interestingly you can actually raise t levels by eating raw oysters every day if you want to do it really naturally – of course this could be a very expensive habit. In one study, Zinc increased testosterone levels by 33.5% in a group of soccer players over a two month period.

  1. Magnesium

Interestingly, Magnesium becomes much more effective when combined with exercise so be sure to exercise regularly to get maximum effect from this ingredient. That being said, there is proof that it is very effective in booster t levels, with multiple studies showing positive correlation between magnesium and testosterone levels in older men. Such as this one.

  1. Vitamin D

There was a study done by Stanford University that linked high levels of vitamin D to high testosterone levels among male adults. Vitamin D can be gained from the sun, but you can’t get enough this way to increase testosterone levels by any significant measure.


Ingredients to Stay Away From:

DHEA – there are a few products on the market that include this ingredient which studies have shown can be harmful. This ingredient has actually been banned in NZ, however is still legal in the US so is still used in some boosters. Please do not use any products that contain this harmful ingredient for your own safety.

Other Factors I Looked For in a Test Booster

User Results – I wanted to see a lot of great reviews and proof of results from current users. I’m not talking about fake before and after pics or exaggerated testimonials but real stories of success from real people.

Safety – It was essential to me that this product be safe and completely harmless. That after all is the point of going down the natural route. I did some pretty thorough research and found that there are a bunch of products on the market that unfortunately do have some harmful ingredients. Luckily there are plenty that are fine and my recommended product below is completely fine.

My Recommeded Testosterone Supplement: prime-male

The supplement I personally use and recommend is Prime Male. The reasons I use this supplement is because the ingredients formula is very very effective, it is completely safe and there were plenty of real user results available indicating this is the real deal.

Why I Use It

– The ingredients stack is incredibly effective, far superior to anything else that is on the market. They have D-aspartic acid, Magnesium and Zinc in the formula which I knew from my research are must haves.

– It is made up of a combination of natural vitamins and minerals which work together, perfectly better than they every could individually. This is probably the best researched product I came across.

– There are no harmful side effects because of the fact the ingredients are all naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. There are no harmful ingredients like DHEA. There is no way this product could ever hurt you.

What Are Others Saying?

user results  prime male testomonial

testosterone booster user results

To learn more about Prime Male, visit the official website – www.primemale.com.

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